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Friendly Personal Service

Do your local dry cleaners greet you warmly when you enter the shop? Do they take the time to listen to all of your questions and concerns? Dina´s Cleaners know the value of lasting personal relationships with their customers, because they have faith that the quality of their services will bring in repeat business. If your cleaners don’t seem to take an interest in building a rapport with you, it’s not a good sign.

This is Dina´s Cleaners

Additional Services

Gentle, effective washing is the bread and butter of nearly all dry cleaning providers. But as garment professionals, many will also keep your clothes in top condition by offering additional amenities – such as garment repair, alterations, and wash-and-fold service. This can save you time and money, by letting you get multiple errands done at once and prolonging the lifespan of your valuable items.

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Flexible Business Hours

The best dry cleaners are those who offer flexible and convenient hours. If you work a “traditional” schedule, look for a place that will let you drop off or pick up clothing early in the morning, or after 6pm. Some places will even provide off-hours delivery and/or pickup services!


Our Skills


Our professional staff includes works diligently to ensure your clothing is cleaned to the highest industry standards.

From our convenient Buckhead location, we perform all our cleaning services on-site.

    • Dry cleaning and laundry services
    • Bridal and formal wear
    • Leather & Suede
    • Household
    • Alterations
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Dry cleaning and laundry services
Bridal and formal wear
Leather & Suede

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We are Dina´s Cleaners